Creamy Veggie Pasta – Vegan “Alfredo” Sauce Recipe #PlantBasedOnaBudget

🗣 Attention, Public Service Announcement: Vegan “cheese” sauces don’t have to be expensive, they don’t have to be labor intensive, and tofu doesn’t have to be a boring no-flavor block of blandness you suffer through to get protein.

This creamy tofu sauce over fusilli pasta and curly kale took less than 10 minutes altogether and it made my entire morning 🥬🍜 I really need to start timing myself when I make these, because I swear this sauce alone couldn’t have taken me more than 3 minutes to throw together. 

I would suggest pairing with a nice semi-sweet white wine 🍷 This is a great transitional dinner for the awkward summer-leading-into-fall period. I would also highly suggest topping this dish off with some freshly chopped pieces of tomato 🍅 


(disclaimer-I am estimating these amounts, I measure with my heart not with spoons 😂🥄 feel free to adjust these to fit your taste preferences, though these should get you very close to what I just made!)
•1/2 block medium firm tofu (@nasoya firm used here)
•2 TBSP garlic powder •1 TBSP onion powder •2-3 TBSP nutritional yeast •2 tsp paprika •Salt and pepper to taste (don’t be stingy here) •1/2 TBSP lemon juice •2 tsp mustard •3 TBSP mayo (@followyourheart vegan mayo is the goat 🐐)
•Approximately 1/2 cup unsweetened original flavor soy milk
•Blend in a bullet or processor (whatever food pulverizer you prefer) until creamy
•Pour over your favorite pasta + sautéed kale, I highly suggest topping with some freshly chopped tomatoes as well!! 🍅🥬🍲

I know you already know how to boil pasta and sauté greens, but the timing of this dish worked so perfectly I’m going to go step-by-step for you anyway so you, too, can have all of this magically come together for you at the exact right time.

  1. Start by putting on your salted pasta water to boil on high. I’m not in the habit of rinsing my pasta, but if that’s your thing now would be the time to do it. You can also take this opportunity to rinse your kale. Also put a pan on medium to get it heating for the kale.
  2. Mix your super easy tofu cream sauce – see recipe at the bottom
  3. Throw some olive oil on the medium heat pan and give it a few seconds to heat up, them throw on some kale (or greens on your choice). Salt and pepper to taste
  4. At this point, if well timed (a rarity in my kitchen) the kale should become nice and barely wilted at around the same time the pasta is perfectly al dente. Drain and add into the kale pan
  5. Pour the tofu cream sauce over the pasta and kale, allow it to heat up together for a minute or two before serving. I would highly suggest adding tomatoes on top!! I just didn’t have any at this time. Next time I will be better prepared ☺️

Would you just look at that beautiful pour-over

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